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Fine dining, by definition, is exclusive. Can a foreigner bar Pakistanis from his restaurant in Pakistan, their country?  The obvious reaction would be, no. It is racist any way you look at it. However, let us see the other side.  La Maison, run by Frenchman Philippe Lafforgue, in a part of his...
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Why OD on racist comments against the latest beauty pageant winner when the majority of Americans don't care? If they can accept yoga, herbal cures and gurus, and even Spelling Bee and American Idol winners, why would they have a problem with Nina Davuluri, an American of Indian origin, getting...
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Do we sometimes overstate racism? Emphasis on colour in politically-correct terms only consolidates stereotypes. Finger-pointing bad taste draws attention to it. Racism is way more than the buying and selling of products and the imagery associated with them. What is wrong with the Dunkin’ Donuts...
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There are people who think it’s odd that a coach crash in Switzerland which killed 28 Dutch and Belgian passengers, including 22 children, receives more attention than a similar accident that took place in Africa. There are also people who think it’s strange that Prince Friso’s skiing accident...
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This morning as I parked my car at the health sciences university where I work, I pondered the value of the bright orange sticker attached to my rear window: my parking pass. I pay about $1200 a year to park behind and down the street from my building on the far south side of campus, which equals...
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 Can women use Viagra? Does it affect their performance? I am asking because of this silly little beer that has been created to trumpet the royal pain-in-the-ass wedding. BrewDog is marketing the Royal Virility Performance lager and it also has a tagline that says, “Arise Prince Willy”,...