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Agatha Christie died a couple of months after I wrote a newspaper book review of her latest work. Considering the time it must have taken in those past days for any mention of my review to reach her (if it ever did), I like to think she died happy. Perhaps within the hour. I was a fan. Christie's...
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Majority ownership from the estate of the most prolific writer from the United Kingdom has been purchaced by Acorn Media Group, a Maryland-based company. Agatha Christie Limited has sold the rights to the characters created by the literary sleuth, including Miss Jane...
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Agatha Christie's 120th anniversary marked with Poirot Google doodle It is 120 years since the queen of crime writers Agatha Christie was born and search engine Google is celebrating with a doodle on its home page depicting her fictional detective Hercule Poirot Shedunit ... Agatha Christie 120th...
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Harriet Vane, a Dorothy Sayers creation, is almost my favorite detective.  Recently, however, and quite by accident, I rediscovered Agatha Christie.  I never saw her as funny when I read her many years ago. Last night, I chuckled at MURDER AT THE VICARAGE.  I had to read a later humorous paragraph...
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It was 1964 and I was fourteen that summer. The lady next door had built shelves in her cellar. It was the first time I ever saw someone with their own library and I coveted it. I wanted it as other girls my age wanted posters of the Beatles and makeup. Somehow, she knew it and, wonder of wonders,...
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How do you pick a favorite detective? There are way too many. It's like picking a mystery genre, I like them all for different reasons. Just like I'm fond of various types of fruit. I can't pick just one. Oranges are juicy and smell like summer while bananas are comforting and apples bring images...