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As an author and father, one of my driving passions is to help children, especially those that do not have help. One small thing I am trying is eBay Giving Works. I have listed a paperback copy of The Empyrical Tales Book I: The Fourth Queen on eBay and set it up to donate 90% of the sale to ...
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If there's an emergency, I'm there. That is to say, I want to be there, but most probably you'll find me elsewhere. There's something about that instant, when calmer heads should prevail, that makes me want to do an Usain and bolt. I found this picture on the internet and I'm a...
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Up VERY late, last night. Troubled sleep over my failings as a father and grandfather.   Feeling the effects this morning.     Perhaps that's why my dreams cast me as a helpless, frustrated, frightened policeman, racing down a Freeway, chasing a paucky housewife in a flowered...