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Les Miserables a film review  by Jeanne Powell    The French novelist Victor Hugo died in 1885 and was buried with honors in the Pantheon, the temple to great French intellectuals.  He published his 1,400 page novel  Les Miserables  in 1862, when he was 60 years of...
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The missus and I are movie fans, but we have two problems with local movie theaters. First, the price: the last movie we saw in a theater cost over $30 - and that was a matinee. Admittedly, we had popcorn and a drink with the movie. And secondly, the theaters aren't kept clean here. With probably...
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Game of Thrones: The King's Road was on last night and I was not disappointed at all; I was intrigued. Daenerys Targaryen turned out to be a bit of a surprise. From frightened almost rape victim to woman in charge was a quick turnover and I see echoes of dreams of dragons in her eyes. Bran who fell...
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  Before this movie came out, I'd convinced myself that I'd fallen in love with the 2006 movie The Queen mainly because of Helen Mirren.  But I realize, with the release of this second well-made film centering on modern Royals, I'm quite comfortable with the Monarchy.  Indeed I'm a Bloody Closet...