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  Once asked for my definition of literature, I replied that for me literature contains the author within, the author who takes chances and exposes her soul in the words on the pages. This short story is indeed literature wherein Helen Mallon exposes her soul (although that soul is hardly...
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Today's post comes from Seth Godin, uber-sales guy.  What sets him apart from the slick and slimy is that he shows actual respect for human beings. (Among his zillion book titles, my personal favorite title is Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?) His message is for us, writer tribe....
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Following through on writing projects (or any other endeavor that's not "necessary" to life) is a common problem for people who really DO want to write, or paint, or learn to refinish furniture.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting a series on how to deal with it. Time can be a bear...
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Nowadays when I get stuck on a writing project, I'm learning to move my attention away from the problem I'm trying to solve.  I close my eyes and pay attention to what's happening in my body as a result of being stuck. Where's the tension located? I take time to feel it. Is there sadness beneath...
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There's quick-turnaround writing, and then there's the slow roasted variety. Blogs are in the first category. No matter how long the writer spends on a post, the reader's click and scan are very fast.  Not interested? Click somewhere else. To compete in the boundary-blasted crazy virtual world...
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Since May is my son's birthday month, here's one way I'm celebrating: With a tale involving short stories... May is also National Short Stories month. NSSM was started by Dan Wickett of the Emerging Writers Network and Dzanc Books. (Thanks for the cool logo, Dan!) In a guest post at Fiction...
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Jennifer Connor, editor of Books to Go Now, kindly offered to feature my essay on how artists keep going in the face of rejection, discouragement over one's perceived inabilities, etc...(etc. etc. ad nauseum!) Writers, Don't Give Up!
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I'm thrilled that my new story, "Did You Put the Cat to Bed?" is available for download onto either ereader or computer.  It'll set you back by $1.99. Did You Put the Cat to Bed? from BookstogoNow It's also available for Kindle on Amazon.
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The first official protest against slavery in North America was written by four Quaker men in Germantown, Philadelphia in 1688:  "And those who steal or robb men, and those who buy or purchase them, are they not all alike? To bring men hither, or to rob and sell them against their will, we...
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I'm lucky.  This week I took a few days away at Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat center near Philadelphia.  I have about an hour before lunch, then it's back to real life. But hey, dummy this is real life!!Some things I've gotten from my time here (in no order, with no particular evaluation of...