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TRAVELING VS. WRITING Truth be told, if the headline were dental extraction vs. writing, most people would take dental extraction. So if the choice is to sit at a blank computer screen wondering why nothing is coming or to go to Venice, Italy, lick colorful gelato and go for a gondola ride, the...
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There's something paradoxical about the process that happens after a book comes out.  Writing is a private, isolated, often lonely profession.  No one knows that a passage was punctuated by two trips to the refrigerator, that one section flowed, that another was rewritten five times and resulted in...
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I'm always interested in the question: How do you know when a story is finished?   My answer is that I usually know when a story is finished on a very visceral kinesthetic level--like seeing a toy train stop on the tracks because it's reached its destination.  But people know in different ways.  ...