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Having been interested in genealogy since I was a child, I would like to believe I've developed a good intuition regarding my ancestors but let's face it, we never met the ancient ones. They lived during a different era so don't be sure they're similar to you, they may be quite different, that's...
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It's been at least five years, and I've written six books on the topic and I still shake my head in disbelief and ask myself, "Are you kidding? Jewish?" Unbelievable. Both my mother and father may have heard hints of it, but it didn't sink in. I don't believe they understood that their ancestors...
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Lately I was surprised to run across a term I’d never heard before, “Hebrew-Christians”. This is an old term appearing in historic census records from the Holy Land and Poland, referring to Jews who considered their ethnicity as Jewish but their religion to be Christian. Of course the earliest...
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Yes, you read that right. Three hundred and forty six years ago, that's how long it's been, since both Christians and Jews believed that 1666 would be the year "in which great things would occur". In the fall of 1665 rumors began circulating throughout Europe about the lost tribes of Israel...
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You'd be cryptic too if you were uprooted wherever you went. You can't blame your ancestors for keeping quiet about their Hebrew origins, they wanted to live. And so today, we live, because our ancestors said "enough already" and were eventually convinced into joining the Christian belief system....