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September 14     Heartfelt   Boab trees litter my dreams; gossipy like old women in the late afternoon sun, I wonder at the tales they tell though I am far too young to understand.  The Australian Kimberly shelters these mysteries in life; they shelter me in the far off...
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In honor of Black History Month: On February 13, 1907, Cincinnati newspaper founder Wendell P. Dabney published The Union. Its motto, "For no people can become great without being united, for in union there is strength." (source: I, Too, Sing America)   Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so I decided...
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I recently posted this quote on my social media accounts, "If you're going to write, do it with your heart, not with your head." Almost immediately, I saw it gathering attention and it really made me stop and think about what I was saying. The answer is simple: It was just something that came...
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Everyone seeems to be writing Heartfelt books. I prefer Mindfelt books. In fact, I think that's going to be the name of my new publishing company : Mindfelt Books. Funding pending...
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Part Three of an interview with author and public speaker Brian Tracy:  This part of the interview is about the intensity of life and how to get and keep it.  How to discover your purpose and how to discover it and go after it.  And.  How to better communicate.   http://masscasualties.com/2011...
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From being on the cliff, desperately wanting to jump off, to three years later, where I'm on the brink of having everything I've ever dreamed of, I have a great, inspirational story about LEARNING TO FLY. A few years ago, I was, going through an excruciatingly painful divorce.  Is there any other...