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Little stones lodged in my heart, each one weighing less than the whole.   Collectively~ they pull me beneath the surface, drowning me in sorrow. © annettealaine-2013
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my little intermittent snail leaves her trail with her mouth for me to follow   these fragmented footprints her shiny wet and slimy spots here on the bed sheet   the corners of her towel another discarded pacifier a stuffed bear   spot-decorated with milky puke sporting a not-too-dry...
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I'm often struck by how much information is available in the blogosphere on writing process and tips for getting published or promoting your work (though these days that really means promoting your self) and how little is available on reading as the consuming passion and primary motivation of a...
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  Silver Celtic Brooch set with heathergem         This is taken from the novel featured above. It was written in my twenties and first published in 1980, a departure from historical 'apprentice' works. Perspicacious readers may note a faint sense of anachronism in this...
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  My daughter’s Facebook profile said it all: “One of the worst nights of my life.” Her FB friends’ comments in response were sincere, sympathetic, but mundane: “So sorry, Glenny,” “Call me next time,” etc. As her dad, the thing that panged my scarred old heart the most was not so much...
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 Do nice guys finish last? Wow, what a great question! Let me give you my perspective from my point of view and then I will touch on what I have witnessed with others and their relationships. If you have been reading my blogs you know that I am very unconventional and come from some severe...
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  For those of you who have not been reading my Christmas Story's (normally on a Thursday) up to now, each year I write a special holiday story, and have done since 1999. I will share them each week until finally just before Christmas I will publish this seasons story. Today's is from 2007,...
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I punched my pillow, rolled over and sighed.  It wasn't yet light out but my mind was acting like it was noon, awake and hungry.  It wasn't going to let me get back to sleep no matter how hard I worked at trying to get comfortable in bed. I surrendered and reached for my robe.  There were thoughts...