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I just spent most of a week with two Bangladesh families -- the Chaudhurys of Gulab Ganga, a small village, and the Babas of Firingi Para, more of a city. The customs of neither of these places would suit an average person born to American life. Whether New York born or a dweller of the most...
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Home- the place we feel safe, our final destination after a long journey, the dwelling we long for~ is not physical property, but the sacred space within our hearts, where we find solace and peace. © annettealaine-2013
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  What Happy People Know - How the New Science of Happiness Can Change Your Life For the Better, by Dan Baker and Cameron Stauth   I don’t normally post on such books; I don’t normally read them, in fact, but it was a birthday gift, and I thought, what the heck, people should know...
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Every child is truly switched on to the imagination. But frequently the environment belittles the imagination, and the gift can end up suppressed under the blanket of rationality. People with a strong creative drive may settle down to live in a straitjacket, and then find themselves overwhelmed by...
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Coming into Reason Hello there my spiritual friend,   Today I would like to share with you the issue of reconciliation, and I do mean a meeting of the minds. Now with that, particular caveat, I intend to expound upon this matter as it applies to both mind and heart. You see, quite often we are...
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Nurturance: emotional and physical nourishment, support and care given to someone; the ability to give such care. Transition and nurturance go together. The two are like the rain and sun, night and day. The rain comes, dampens, sometimes floods us and brings the wind with it as its partner to wreak...
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  Good morning, my spiritual friend, There, often comes moments of stings from another, who may perhaps be a significant other, a sibling or one in whom you look up to; and yet they also pierce your soul with their antics. For many, the resultant act is to retreat somewhere, while for others,...
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You know I have been asked this question over the last couple of weeks and I guess it's also time to do a blog about it.    I love that my clients ask this question, because in all reality we talk about the changing of the frequencies, the new 5th dimensional energy, anticipation, mood...
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  Hello there my spiritual friend, It has been a few weeks since our last chat, which brings me to the issue before you. Quite often, these are the two snakes, which climb us the staff forming a caducei. These are the very culprits, which thwart compromise, hamper progress, despise resolution...
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The thoughts of a man leadeth him to sorrow or to joy. The thoughts of a man are binding or releasing. The thoughts of a man decieve or bare truth, they are gain or loss. The heart of a man leads him to his desires, it is the barometer that measures his aches or joys. The heart of a man can do one...