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The scene is set for romance…perfume, candles, flowers, chocolate, and champagne. But wait…some of these products might contain toxic chemicals! Remember that what goes on your body also goes in your body and into your bloodstream, so be sure to choose products without a lot of...
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My latest piece is up at Broad Street Review.  It begins: My second heart attack came one day short of two months after my first. I was leaving cardio-rehab, ten sessions into a projected 36. I had set personal bests on the treadmill and the stationary and recumbent bikes. But pain had...
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      Easy Fit, Deep Sleep, Magical Foods   Do you have a sedentary lifestyle and want to be healthier? Author David Wakefield wrote a simple guide on how to look and feel great without going to the gym, without dieting, and without buying expensive equipment. Easy Fit helps you...
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I was watching the news recently and heard an interesting story. There is a movement in the medical profession to label grief as a diagnosis of illness. Prozac, an antidepressant, would be prescribed for people dealing with grief. Death is not an end, rather it is a new beginning. And the...
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Do you agree that to be productive a writer needs a degree of good health?  Writing stresses the mind and the body. Whether first draft or final edits, the brain is exercised by constant choices and decisions. We must sort through thousands of words each day and make decisions about each....
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So, anyway, my excellent neuro - Rima Samira Ash, affectionately referred to by me as Birdgirl - has taken me off Avonex shots after nine years and switched me to a pill, a drug called Gylenia. On the face of it, oh YAY. All good. After nine years, the only four injection sites that were ever...
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The ancient ones did not have TV for distraction or books to learn from. They did not have homes that separated them from the elements and natural world. Their lives were simple and moved with the rhythm of nature. They turned to nature as their teacher and realized it was the physical...
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PLUS Model Magazine, according to an article by Tamara Abraham for the United Kingdom-based online blog Daily Mail, has sparked controversy. See if you can guess what the controversy is from the accompanying photograph. Then check out my Living in the Heartland blog to find out more. 
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If you had to choose just one room in your home to make environmentally friendly, it should be your bedroom. We can unsuspectingly create a toxic environment by sleeping on the wrong type of mattress, or exposing ourselves to electronic devices that interfere with sleep. Getting good quality sleep...