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I promised you a plan for what do to when … or if … Obamacare fails. I can’t deliver it in a short blog, so I am dividing it up into several blogs of ideas for your consideration.   The things we do should be simple. Complexity eats resources and allows for fraud. So, here are some ideas...
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  I’ve recently been with an elderly aunt and I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole into a world without reason. I drove her to see an old friend, a lovely woman of 88, whom I’ll call Felicia. Felicia has endured a long, progressive neuromuscular condition which renders her paraplegic...
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This is the second part of our series on changes in the DSM V - the Diagnostics and Statistics Manual that determines how most of us get diagnosed and funded for our treatments. It’s bound to be a little dry, but I feel that this is information we all need to have access to, since it effects us...
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I wrote an imaginary letter yesterday.  It didn't have a salutation.  I don't concern myself with that in my imaginary letters.  My letter said, "I received a letter in the mail from you about a claim.  You claim I submitted it and you want me to prove that I'm not eligible for...
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“How would you like your cash?” I hear from the next bay’s speaker at the bank drive-through. I am depositing $250 in a variety of crumpled bills culled together moments ago at home after I realized I didn’t have enough in my account to cover mine and my husband’s health insurance premium and a...
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When you drive, don’t think about the sixteen year-old boys who share the road with you, especially the ones who’ve already had accidents. They shouldn’t be allowed to drive a Big Wheel, let alone a car, but don’t let that spoil your ride. If one approaches from behind while you’re stopped at a red...
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Apparently there was no mandate to buy health insurance. There was only a consequence to inaction. Not quite the same. Should the Democrats have been using the term mandate at all?
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  A Love Story, Understanding Your Health Care, Sleep   Define your vision, discover your passion, and design your future in this power packed hour of life-changing talk radio on Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® with the Oprah of the Airwaves, Cynthia Brian and health specialist, Heather...
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Igor Yopsvoyomatsky, Editor-in Chief of Paranoia is Fact.com, answers readers' questions. Dear Igor, Our son Noah invited us for our 40th Anniversary. We flew in from Boca with a big surprise for him. In the six months since we had seen each other we had each gone on  the South Beach Diet...
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My family and I have good health insurance insurance in Greece.  My husband works at a university so we are all on his health insurance plan. In the U.S.A. he also worked at a university and we paid for the most expensive and, we thought, the best health insurance offered which was Blue Cross Blue...