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October 4     Have Faith   Strange and wonderful tragedy takes you away from me and I don’t know how it is that you return, but you do and I thank G-d, but I’m not sure it was G-d’s idea that you went away or that you came back, though, I am sure, He missed you every bit as much as I...
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Believe By Bernadette A. Moyer Believe! It is that time of year again, with Thanksgiving just behind us as we look forward in anticipation for the Christmas holidays. We look ahead in welcoming in the New Year. I can’t help but reflect upon the word “believe” for me it is right up there with “faith...
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Well - 2 days in a row - R E S T!  Ok I am really about tired of it, however I know my body which is now missing a uterus wants me to know that it needs the rest.  It reminds me painfully that I need a rest and when it reminds me - I stop, sit or lay down and well - rest.  Today when I woke up...