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I like that my latest release, Havana Lost, hit the shelves around the same time a little miracle happened. After decades without an English language bookstore, one has opened in Havana. It’s the first one since the revolution. Does the new store, aptly named Cuba Libro, mark the start of Cuba...
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Havana Lost has launched at last. Feedback has started to roll in. And I’m fascinated by how many readers say they are ‘disturbed’ by Frankie Pacelli’s transformation from a young vulnerable likeable girl into—well (spoiler alert averted), what she ultimately became. My response? She had to. When...
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My latest book, Havana Lost, goes live on Amazon this Friday. And I can’t help comparing what it used to be like launching a book with my traditional publishing head on to what it’s like releasing a self-published novel.    The traditional publishing book launch experience As a...
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More Sharing Services0   In fiction, they say, there must be conflict on every page, even if it’s only someone wanting a glass of water that he or she can’t get. I tend to overdo things in general, and creating conflict is no exception. What could provide more conflict than a revolution? When...
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Thought you might like to take a look at this. It's called a "Glossi" and it's a short online magazine that you can read at your leisure. Of course, it's about Cuba as described through excerpts from the book.    Just click below, and be sure to let me know what you think.   ...
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Well, that’s it. My latest novel, Havana Lost, is finally out in the wild, being read by a bunch of fans who have downloaded the Advance Reader Copy. I’ve already been asked a whole load of questions about the writing process, the book, the characters and Cuba itself. Here are my answers. What...