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And both dealing with The Trinity. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   HarperCollins to Acquire Thomas Nelson  In a deal that will unite the country’s two largest religion book publishers, HarperCollins, parent company of Zondervan, has reached an agreement to acquire Thomas Nelson for an...
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Well here it is - read more
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In his first address to the UN General Assembly, the President denounces reflexive anti-Americanism and calls on the world's leaders to recognize the common challenges we face while delivering a litany of internal accomplishments and policy changes his Administration has impleminted. Image Credit...
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San Francisco: We had a lively discussion today around the HarperOne lunch table about parenting. In short, we agreed that it is a good idea. I was blathering on like I am a good dad when it me: I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE KEATON IS. Keaton is my virtual son. I learned about Keaton on April 1 (really)...
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Well, the cat's out so I figured I'd opine. Some months ago, during a routine submission to HARPER COLLINS, I discovered the beta test for their recently unveiled AUTHONOMY website. In a nutshell the site is a virtual slush pile, inviting writers of any level to submit works for an extremely broad...
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Today's newspaper and some media newsletters have picked up on the story that Harper Collins has announced that they are starting a new division, headed by Bob Miller. Miller is the former founder and president of Hyperion, the publishing arm of Disney that deals with adult books, a lot of them by...