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Many years ago I covered a shark attack on a scuba diver in California’s Carmel Bay for the daily newspaper. The diver’s legs had been ripped terribly but he did not lose them. I talked to him off and on for several days at the hospital and then by telephone after he’d returned to his home in the...
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Economics can describe what has happened, in that case it should be called the Nobel Prize for History, but this doesn’t exist. Economics can also deal with the actual figures, but then it is more like a Nobel Prize for Mathematics. Alfred Nobel did establish the Nobel Prize for Literature....
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I just had a terrifically good evening of theater, watching a stellar production of Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance at the Aurora Theatre Company, in Berkeley. If the rest of the season’s plays come anywhere close, this is going to be one hell of a 20th anniversary for the Aurora. The three-act...
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What is real and what is unreal? In a state of delirium, pumped up with medication, laid up in bed, swathed in white from a lightbulb that hurts the eyes, I can see clearly. I can see the reality of the unreal, the unreality of the real. A cliché would refer to it as truth being stranger than...
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It takes courage to write the truth, and sometimes it can take even more courage to speak it. And writing it and speaking it can be totally different things. I thought about this after reading J.P. Smith's superb Christmas Day blog on Harold Pinter's death. Smith ended with this line: ``Though I...
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 Playwright Harold Pinter died this Christmas Eve. He was 78, and succumbed, after a long battle, to cancer of the esophagus. Maybe, as he once said, "I think it's enough for me. I've found other forms now." He was born and raised in Great Britain, the son of working class Eastern...