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Do you think of 一 (one) as representing a lot or a little? This isn't necessarily a question about Japanese; when English speakers refer to coming together as one, it conveys that many people have united. On the other hand, as Aimee Mann says, one is the loneliest number that you'll ever...
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With all the energy ups and downs, I retreat as usual to the bath and the off worlds.  Sink into warm water and slip out of the body.  Water is such a wonderful conduit and enables you to either meditate or float upwards incredibly easily.     Bliss to wander off for a time...
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  The books by Australian author, Nola Hennessy, have won more awards as she embarks on a year of new beginnings. Nola will talk about from PMS to PMA and No Boxing Allowed and her upcoming autobiography and publishing opportunities. Forgiveness is the key to happiness and harmony and Nola...
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Choice...How often are you feeding into Joy? How often are you feeding into pain and suffering? Now ask yourself if I have choice to choose between these emotions, what thoughts am I choosing? Reboot my life!http://jtuniverse.com/JT Universejtuniverse.comJT Universe. Very reasonable prices and a...
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  There is a small spot of light on the bark of the ash tree. In winter the bark is subtle, smooth, a non-color.  And this light spot glows as if lit from within, a tiny beacon among the darker trunks.   If it were not for the shadows, I would never have noticed the light. The...
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Usually, she tries to think about the road. Ordinarily she listens. To NPR, to which she is utterly addicted. Sometimes she fantasizes that she is working for NPR. Or with NPR, with its brilliant reporters, producers and commentators. Maybe she's assisting with or producing a show for Ira...
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In indigenous traditions it is believed that everything that exists in nature is alive and interacts with us. Nature is always communicating with us and often this occurs by showing us omens and signs. Working with omens and signs shows us that we are in harmony with the flow of life. Physics uses...
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Time continues to move at an exponential speed. And we are once again approaching a new change in season. For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere we are welcoming in the wonder and beauty of spring. For those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere we are moving into the awe and wonder...
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it's that time of year again -- for thanksgiving with maryjane
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Mysteries Are Everywhere You Look 1.    Destiny isn't drafted, but revealed. 2.    We are responsible for our actions, but not results. results lie with Destiny. 3.    Life is a mystery. You are here. Why? Contemplate the miracle of your own birth. You had little to do with it. 4.    This barren,...