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This piece by David Sirota in Salon struck a nerve with me. He makes the case that race discrimination still exists. Sad, but it's something that needs to be said over and over. I find the issue of whether any kind of discrimination still exists to be a continuing uphill battle when I...
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We’ve been meeting for eleven months now and our reports are coming out fast and furious.  Three days ago the report on Bullying in Schools was reported on in the local press.  How do such investigation subjects get chosen?  While a handful of requests come in from the outside, the majority of the...
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Neighbors: We all have them—some close and not so far and some at quite a distance, but the ones that live across the street from us are observers of some of the most routine or personal elements of our very lives. Such is the case with Georgeann and her family.  The husband appears to be a quiet,...
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I have met some really lovely people online... people I'd never have met in the 'real' world as they live on the other side of the world. We've shared stories, laughed together, encouraged each other and been supportive during difficult times. In some respects, relationships can develop at a much...
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My wife and I have been receiving harassing and threatening email messages over the past week! This is not a literary post, sorry.  Instead, my mind has been elsewhere and I've been preoccupied with bizarre happenings.  It's a very long, complicated story, and due to certain variables, I do not...