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Happy Thanksgiving | Happy Thanksgiving

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Here below is a poem I like by Elizabeth Spires which seemed appropriate for the closing of this Thanksgiving Day.  Pome By Elizabeth Spires From flowering gnarled trees they come, weighing down the branches, dropping with a soft sound onto the loamy ground. Falling and fallen. That’s a...
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Leaves burst like warm blood.Through burning roots, Sun explodeson a clear palette.
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When I was younger the one thing that always stood out in my mind were Hand Turkeys.  Most every child who has not lived under a holiday rock knows how to do this: Get Yellow/Red/Light Brown Construction Paper. Get a crayon. Put hand on construction paper (Your Thumb far away from the other...
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Taking a break from the kitchen to send Thanksgiving wishes your way. Someone just asked me what I’m thankful for, and my response has to be: pretty much everything. Family. Friends. Pets. Home. Career. Readers. Travel. The gorgeous blue sky above snow, sparkling like crystal in the sunshine. God...
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Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday! It makes me feel happy, warm, thankful, and full of wonderful goodness. As you already know, I don’t have to search far for a gagillion reasons to be thankful. My gratitude list begins at the very basics– breathing, walking– you get idea. I know, for...