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But you should anyway.
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We Begin Again By Bernadette A. Moyer W.I.N. –What’s Important Now – Lou Holtz With every new year we are afforded the chance to begin again.  The chance to start fresh with new dreams plans and goals, we begin again! 2013 was a push me pull me year. We sold our house and moved to the beach....
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The Kitchen Sisters have been given a matching grant. Every dollar raised between now and January 31 will be doubled. We hope you'll take the plunge with us and make a contribution. We thank you for your collaboration, your stories and your support. All best, Davia & Nikki P.S. Look for our new...
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Happy New Year, I Pray By Bernadette A. Moyer Happy New Year, I pray. I pray for you for your health and wealth and happiness. I pray for peace and for love and for tolerance, tolerance for all people, not just the ones most like us. I pray for the sick and the weak and the elderly. I pray for...
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This isn't exactly breaking news, but for 2012 as a whole it is. E-books have been emerging for a while, and what with the publishing industry meltdown, self-publishing is the place to be for serious writers frustrated by the only creativity the major pub biz seems capable of - - ever new reasons...
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    Time to shatter the limits, blow up the barriers, and multiply the possibilities. It's Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® radio for 2012 with the "Oprah of the Airwaves" Cynthia Brian, and health professional, Heather Brittany!  We're blowing the noisemakers, laughing, and having...
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Despite the dire predictions for 2012, this author is optimistic and eagerly looking forward to the sale of manuscripts in the year ahead. My belief is that my words will touch readers in a wide range of countries. That anticipation excites me. Writing as a craft is hard work, but when a reader...
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Happy New Year, Redroom authors. I sit here this morning, looking out the window, as the wind blows and the few remaining leaves are carried here and there, but where? I do not know. No one else does either, right? So, remember, on this the dawn of a new year, that you and I are like leaves that...
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Happy New Year! I found this gem on youtube.  It's the story behind Auld Lang Syne, along with a performance by Scottish singer Mike Ogletree. As he explains it, the story behind the song and poem is this:  Scotland's beloved poet Robert Burns heard a story from a woman acquaintance, who...
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Buona Notte.