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Today's gift: a pair of recipes for holiday munchies.   Sugary Spiced Pecans 1 egg white, slightly beaten1 T water3 c pecan halves1/2 c sugar1/2 t salt1 t cinnamon1 t allspice1/2 t nutmeg Preheat oven to 300 F In medium bowl, beat together egg white and water. Stir in pecans, stirring until...
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Feel the season with magic and mystery, memorable moments, kindnesses beyond measure, love overflowing, and then marvel at what you've created. Rejoice in the stillness of love. Happy holidays. May they be most meaningful and memorable.
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My gift to you today: A first look at a new entry into the "Cutting Room Floor" files of my website. The 'false start' to When Danger Calls. Read it here. Yesterday was busy with our family holiday celebration. I baked the rugelach, made potato latkes and ricotta pancakes.Latke...
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Something wonderful happened to me yesterday. I got a call from the director of an organization I've been working with, who said that a check had arrived from an anonymous donor, earmarked to support the new book I'm working on. My new book's working title is But Beautiful: Art, Eros, and The World...
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Hanukkah and Christmas are the two winter celebrations or holidays exceedingly acknowledged in many places around the globe. Recently, the US has begun recognizing the African celebration Kwanzaa as a winter holiday and teaching about it in the public schools. I guess it is a start, right?  A start...
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It’s that time again.   That time when people ask, “What are you doing for Christmas this year?”   When I worked at a publishing company in Boston, people asked me about my Christmas plans a lot. I said my usual, "I am Jewish, and I celebrate Hanukkah."   One woman's response was, "...
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                      “I’m looking forward to Christmas,” an old friend tells me over the phone.  She’s spending it with her Jewish ex-husband and two half-Jewish college-aged daughters.  “I love spending Christmas with the Jews.”                 The stereotype in America has long been...