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  In strength I lay out my hands out in pain For you to settle yours in mine  
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I’m running low on yarn and soon knitting will have to take a break.  Knitting is not a big hobby where I live and that makes good yarn a difficult find. My hands are restless and though they could use a break to heal carpal tunnel syndrome, my fingers refuse to give up. My fingers wiggle left...
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I have been writing a scene which includes the description of a man’s hands. It made me think about how little I look at hands, or indeed, if I could recognize my friends from their hands. The old saying goes – I knew it as well as the back of my hand –  but do we really know our own hands? I...
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Oglesby’s writings give the characters that freedom in a literary novel about human vampires procreating with a vengeance and their antagonistic villains of society, which are no better than the protagonist that switches places throughout the novel.
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“If I get to Heaven I’ll look for Grandma’s hands.” – Bill Withers            My reflection in the mirror exposed a subtle change in my hands. The skin was shiny, faintly transparent. Soft, almost imperceptible lines ran horizontally down each digit, spiraling out into indistinct patterns across my...
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Have you ever taken the time to look at your hands?  I mean really look at them.  For most of us, we have ten digits, eight fingers, two thumbs, but hands do more than just type out words on a keyboard or hold a hot cup of coffee.  For some, hands are their voice.  Watching someone signing, is one...
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Hands. I was delivered into hers at three weeks.  She took me home—  688 miles from my cord.  They left it; no wonder I am pulled north. She strung leis, double strand Orchid leis, for Tropical of California.  Her hands as big as plates.  At night she would sew by the light of the tv, Lawrence Welk...
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Ritual by Mo Hayder (Book Review) Ritual by Mo Hayder is the first novel in her new Walking Man Series. It is a paperback published by Bantam Press and its ISBN is 0553820435. From the author who brought us The Birdman, Skin and The Treatment like the others it is a graphically scary novel not for...
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An Open Letter to Men Who Don't Wash Their Hands in the Public Bathroom By Mark Budman I know this is nothing compared to a roadside bomb, campus shootings or the health care fiasco, but why don't you stop for thirty lousy seconds to wet your hands with water? Perhaps you are hungry for some finger...
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Today is Mothers Day in Ireland. I woke up to a lovely card from my three sons. It is a reproduced lithograph and shows the back of a woman's body sitting on a diving board. She is clad in a black swimsuit. The sea below her is a teal blue. I related to her immediately because I feel like that...