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I first learned of Gilad Atzmon through his music, hearing him play at the Jamboree in Barcelona. I have since managed to get to another concert - this time in London - and have his CDs on my iPoD. I have also learned to be careful with his music - a die-hard Israel-supporting acquaintance stormed...
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When I studied in the USA, I was constantly told that "never again" was the moral to live by. Holocaust studies, memorials, monuments, documentaries, novels, memoirs dominated and still dominate the Western marketplace and psyche. In that process what is lost is the genocide determinedly...
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In a public relations campaign launched in the Palestinian Authority, the Hamas terror organization is claiming victory over Israel's withdrawal and promises to terrorize Haifa and Tel Aviv until Israel is defeated and Palestine restored to the Arabs. They are taking credit for the Israeli...
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I've just gotten over what I'm pretty sure was a nice bout with the flu, thanks to bucketloads of orange juice, Alka Seltzer Plus and Mucinex. I've missed three days of work, one game of Deadlands and countless opportunities to hug friends and loved ones at various mid-holiday parties. I have, in...