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  The autumn months bring with them the excitement of fall festivals and holiday seasons. For most children, and some adults, Halloween can be one of the most exciting nights of the year! Yet, amidst the thrills of dressing up and the unquestionable sugar rush that will soon follow at...
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Halloween Blogfest: Sofia Diana GabelNovember 1, 2013 by The Long and Short Of It 3 Comments   Real Life Ghost Story By Sofia Diana GabelI’m not really the superstitious type. I tend to believe in cold, hard facts, not things that go bump in the night, but my whole belief system was shaken a...
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I had to drive through wicked storms all the way from Central Texas to Houston. And for most of the day, it continued to rain. That was for Halloween. But the next day, we went to the Houston Zoo, and had fun visiting all the wonderful exhibits there. :) Here are two of the lionesses. I'll...
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excerpt from My Mexican" A Green Card Marriage: A Penny for Your Thoughts I began to find pennies after Michael’s death in odd places. I had heard that when you find a penny on the ground, someone who has died is thinking about you. Pennies turned up in odd places, places that were mine and...
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  Going out for dinner and drinks on Halloween feels a little like what I would imagine Vegas at Christmas would feel like.  It was odd, super odd.  It was as if we were invited to a land we didn't really know existed.  Not quite Alice in Wonderland, but it was close. This was...
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Meranda was the one who loved him. She had great taste. That blonde hair, the blue eyes. He stole the movie Stand By Me, which played at the Dome for months. It came out weeks before we started eighth grade. It was the perfect end of summer coming of age movie: four boys go out on a mission. They...
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Tonight on a rainy drive home from work, the car in front of me slowed down so I followed suit. Then it stopped suddenly, so shortly it looked as if the driver slammed on his brakes, so I did the same. And I hydroplaned....it's quite a frightening feeling, like the car just won’t stop, and I saw...
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Reasearchers at UCLA have found that a good scare helps a person stay clear-headed in an emergency and can help them feel safe. BOO. Happy Halloween.
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A real  ghost story for All Hallows' Eve, although it did not happen on Halloween.  I was visiting the Bay of Fundy island of Grand Manan. I had booked a room in a bed and breakfast and arrived mid-evening. I went elsewhere for a meal, but did meet the owners, and...
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The Pumpkin Ladyby Keith Pyeatt The locals knew her as The Pumpkin Lady. She'd been raising pumpkins for fifty years, most of that time alongside her husband. In their prime, they worked twenty acres. Now an old widow with few needs, she managed a small patch and hired teenagers to harvest the...