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Dear Hallmark, Why did you allow things to get to this point without calling me? Come on, you guys, you know I'm here for you. It's obviously too late to reverse this current wave, now that you've announced the impending layoffs of seven hundred and fifty full-time American employees due to...
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  Mother’s Day was more of a rumor than a reality when I was growing up. I heard friends talk about cards and flowers and going out to brunch but it wasn’t something we did at my house.  It’s not that I didn’t have a mother at home -- I did. But she and my father did not believe in...
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Erich Segal made me want to die, and not just any old death but from cancer. I did not know about leukaemia then, it was just cancer with an Oliver by the bedside and a face warm to the touch waiting...just waiting. Love Story was perhaps more Hallmark card than literature, but I was going through...
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I went to the card store on Monday to buy a card that I knew I would not find. Still, I dutifully walked down the aisle to the Wedding Anniversary section and allowed my eyes to stray over the shelf that celebrates twenty five years of marriage. There were a lots of cards on offer, full of...