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CLOUD ATLAS a film review by Jeanne Powell “Cloud Atlas” is a work of mind-bending fiction turned into a somewhat intriguing film, with lots of star power.  At nearly three hours in length, the film is uneven and too long.  British author David Mitchell’s popular novel, published in 2004...
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On this day in 2002, the 74th annual Academy Awards ceremony is held at its brand new venue, the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. Completed the previous November, the $94 million Kodak Theatre would be the first permanent home for the Academy Awards ceremony. At the first Oscar ceremony since the...
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RED TAILS a film review by Jeanne Powell “Red Tails” from Lucas Studios is being released with many advantages – major funding, well-known actors,  a significant online presence and heroes you can believe in.  Producer George Lucas is known internationally for adventure films such as “...
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New Year's Eve a film review by Jeanne Powell What can I say about this holiday season romantic comedy, which has too many stars and too little plot?  Well, there are a couple of good things, so read on. Director Gary Marshall gave us “Pretty Woman” in 1990 and a host of television comedies,...
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(c) 2011 Jeanne Powell"Helping Us See What Was"all rights reserved   Last Sunday afternoon I was shopping at Whole Foods, taking advantage of its quite reasonably priced "house label" to get maximum value, and I overheard two women talking about a variety of reactions among friends who had...
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                        For those into the paranormal, fantasy and fringe science…   EXTREME LIQUIDATION                        A SCIENCE FANTASY available at http://www.lyricalpress.com/extreme_liquidation                           Reincarnation is preventing Aleister Crowley from ascension,...