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     Today’s topic is hair. Hair is pretty important to most to us. We talk about our hair: bad hair days, flyaway hair, hair color, thinning hair, lack of hair, for many of us our hair is an integral part of who we are. Hair is part of what defines our personality. We devote an...
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We all know how frustrating it can be when you're having a bad hair week. You start to really notice that your hair color is looking washed-out, flat, and dull, your ends are see-through, and your hair is completely lifeless. You may even spot a few greys glaring at you. If it's too early for a...
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Women have been dyeing their hair for over a millenium. They do it for fashion, they do it for beauty, they do it to make a statement. But what exactly does being a blonde, brunette or redhead say about you? And if you're on the lookout for a nice steady guy, which color is more likely to get you a...
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In my mother'sday you dyed yourhair, but now you colorit. I often use the wrong term, which sends my hair stylist into a furiousRumplestiltskin-like jig. At any rate, moments ago I colored my hair and am nowsitting at the keyboard waiting for it to take, as my grandmother—whose color for fortyyears...