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I am a Gleek TweetSinging and dancing spring forthLet's Get Physical
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Life news: Am gradually getting to feel a bit better, hurrah, though I'm still dosing up on catarrh remedies and blowing my nose for Britain. How delightful. I've taken to carrying wads of tissues and 2 handkerchiefs everywhere with me, just in case. A girl in her prime can enjoy several. Still, I...
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Life News: Lordy, but I'm sick. As the proverbial. My bank holiday weekend has been spent coughing pathetically, trying to be brave (ho ho, as if), quaffing Lemsip, Sudafed and Echinacea as if they're all going out of business, and trying to breathe through the catarrh. Whilst smearing castor oil...
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A short blog as I really have to go to bed but here are the edited highlights: 1. We've had a really wonderful few days away. 2. Birds seen for the first time this year are: stone curlews, great bustards (lifetime first - and you can find out more about the reintroduction of these fantastic birds...
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Writing News: Seeing as I am (fairly evidently) not having my week's holiday in Pompeii (ah the irony of it all ...) - of which more later - here's some happy writing news: my gay erotic short story, The Delaneys and Me, is now published by Amber Allure, and you can find out more and purchase a...
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Darlington Richards are proud to announce the launch of their first title: The Plenitude of Emptinesshortensia anderson : collected haibun The book was released just a week ago and already 50 copies have been purchased with a swipe of a credit or paypal card from: http://tinyurl.com/yanw9rh...
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Writing News: I'm happy to say that The Hit List is now available in paperback at Amazon US and it's received two 5-star reviews at Goodreads here and here. Thanks to both readers! I'm also pleased to tell you that Give and Take has today received a thought-provoking 4.5 star review atMichelenjeff...
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Book News: I've had a fascinating review of GLBT short story, Give and Take, which you can read at Jessewave Reviews. I'm more than happy with the 4 star rating, but fascinated by the reviewer's comments on the bleakness and realism of the story. Actually I'd thought it was fairly upbeat, and had...
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Ohio is a bellwether state for politics, or as they always say, "as Ohio goes, so goes the nation", but we are also a bellweather state, or as I have heard it said (and repeated it), "Ohio has four seasons and sometimes all in one day" and that can occur.  There have been times...
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hortensia anderson : collected haibun. Preview of a title shortly available from Darlington Richards through Lulu.com, containing 115 haibun from this master of the poetic form which combines distilled, essentialized prose with haiku. http://bit.ly/poe-preview