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  (digital art graphic courtesy of Bright Skylark Literary Productions)   In July 2006, I sat down to write a short simple thank you note to fellow poets and writers who had graciously wished me well on my birthday. To my surprise, the intended short simple note came out of my pen...
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  We're moving closer to our rainy season. Today we had a midday downpour so sudden that it came as a shock to the system. Now, as the day draws to a close, the sun has decided to come out and show off its brilliance. Too little, too late! NPS Photo As I contemplate (and dread) a return to...
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Some time ago, I encountered a word so specific that it could only be Japanese: 野分 or 野分き (のわき: late autumn windstorm in the countryside, typically caused by a typhoon or cyclone, esp. on the 210th and the 220th days of the year)    field + to divide When people calculate the 210th day...
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There are days that are so intense that they leave me with very few words.  That's when I turn to the haiku with it's spare and frugal honesty. Capitulation Sorry is a wordthat’s tossed around carelesslybefore bruises show (c) Kelly Tweeddale 2012
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waking from morningstillness ripplescrow’s distant call
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she could read him like a book unfortunately all his pages were loose leaves  
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Let's start with a quiz. What do you think the following could mean? 朝顔     morning + face If my pre-shower and pre-caffeine "morning face" is any indication, the object in question might not be too appealing! I'll block the answer with artwork by a talented woman who...
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When I looked at my blog statistics yesterday (I am not only a pedometer geek, but a Red Room blog statistics junkie), I knew that I would probably exceed 60,000 hits (on all my pages) by the end of the day. Thanks to everyone who looked at any of them, I well exceeded that number. I admit I was...
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“But writing letters by hand in the mornings when he should work or exercise, is the quickest way for a writer to destroy himself that I know.”  -- Hemingway, in a letter I am certain that this applies to blogs as well.  But the third draft of my new novel, the Object, is now in the hands...
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Tiny parachutescarrying secret wisheson a hopeful breath © Kelly Tweeddale 2012