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Guatemala, Yikes! I said about ten times a day. I was going to Guatemala out of love.  My husband was studying Spanish and loving it, so for his 83rd birthday, I gave him a present of two weeks at Miguel Angel Asturias, an intensive Spanish school in Xela, Guatemala.  Since I...
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  When my late-evening flight from the US landed at La Aurora Airport in Guatemala City, taxis and shuttle buses congregated outside of the airport's exit, jockeying for position, all vying for the privilege to take me not into the city but away from it, an hour or so east to the former...
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My Work I have been blessed with the most incredible job.  I am one of the founders and the administrator of three child sponsorship programs helping children in 5 different countries – Haiti, Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Guatemala.  Most days (and nights) find me at my...
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One of the best parts of being a nonfiction writing instructor is watching students transform over the course of a week as their stories come into focus and take shape. Not just because of the excitement that comes from watching a text emerge, but from witnessing the personal changes that takes...
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A transplanted northerner, I lived until very recently in bucolic Upatoi, Georgia. Unlike the city-folk in nearby Columbus whose homes sit as close as two Alabama cousins, Upatoians tend to opt for two acres and a pool. My middle-class neighborhood of Ridgewood Estates--a community of mainly 1970's...