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Guanajuato | Guanajuato

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I went to the open rehearsal of Bach's work today, with Horacio Franco, one of the world's leading recorder players and founder of the Cappella Barroca, directing the Mexican early music group of singers and players of early instruments. Until now, Bach has been in the wings at the Festival this...
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Even the stonework and lanes paved with green cantera rock draw only an occasional visitor to Calderones, but for the two thousand people who live there, the town is the center of the world.  To get to this community, home to generations of miners, take the Calderones bus from Embajadoras...
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Guanajuato, in the center of Mexico,  is a spritzer city where the wine of culture, beauty and history color infuses the effervescent student atmosphere. The city, five hours north of Mexico City (but accessible directly by plane), is a walker's paradise. You can explore the historic center with...
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El Cafetin, between the San Francisco Church and the Museo Iconografico has outdoor and indoor seating, bagels as well as coffee, and some evenings hosts literary events. For a list describing nine other coffeehouses, see my article at www.associatedcontent.com. The warm sunny weather now is...