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Grey | Grey

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I like still days, like yesterday in London. They creep up on you softly and, suddenly, you walk out of the house and find yourself in the midst of one.  Early winter days, when the sky is a grey so pale, it is almost white.  Not a breath of wind to stir the few fiery leaves left on the...
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Don’t you love Fifty Shades of Grey? The title, I mean. It reminds me of lengthened shadows. The sea at night under the moonlight. Slabs of cement piled upon one another, each darkened a little more by weight. Old aluminium foils. Smoke rising from fire and disappearing. Dispersed ashes....
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Hi Guys, I hope you are all doing fabulously well on this grey Sunday morning. A lot has been happening since my last update, in fact I've been that busy that my attempts at writing, has been zero :(  The material and ideas are there, they just need to be transported from my head to my laptop...
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The wind-chimes yell out exhausted by their relentless peal and the trees are break dancers on speed, the dogs cower by the back door freedom refused Clouds hurl shadows across the roof tops and sodden fields and the sky hosts a weird slide show of imperfect profiles; a mouth gapes without a...
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  Waiting for the Ferry   Grey sea and grey sky shades of grey, pick a grey deep, light, violet - the Ferry is on its way white Ferry is a feather skimming across the wrinkled grey grey asphalt and black crows & people waiting for the Ferry to carry us away grey shiny car in...
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Hubby made dinner tonight. I bought a free range chicken for thirteen euro, if you want organic you can double the price straight away. I had the butcher cut it up into numerous pieces for the casserole he planned on making. I left him in the kitchen as I took the dogs along with my oldest son,...