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June Gardens Oh, no. Bye Bye, Pie! is going buh-bye. In the past, I wasn’t much of a blog reader. I drifted in the internet tide, momentarily attaching myself to a social media site then floating wherever Google took me. One day my friend Kit Rodenbough told me about Bye...
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Red Room is proud to support a great reading opportunity in North Carolina this month... THE BOOKUP – 3 to choose from throughout the Triad the last week in May Tues. May 24th: Bistro 150, Oak Ridge, NC. 6-8PM Weds. May 25th: Community Arts Café, Winston-Salem, NC. 6-8PM Sat. May 28th: The home of...
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My mother once referred to a North Carolina friend of mine who had been raised Jewish and Christian as “spiritually bi-lingual.” After "Mama Jo"'s passing in 2006, I now live in Greensboro and New York. I guess that makes me "geographically bi-lingual." It also gives me a...
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A great new civil rights museum opens in Greensboro on Feb. 1--the anniversary of the sit-ins. Its built on the site of the original Woolworth's and features the lunch counter where it all began.  Check out the museum's info at http://www.sitinmovement.org/ its called the International Civil Rights...