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green space that maximizes harmony with nature | green space that maximizes harmony with nature

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Today was a lovely day,bright and sunny with a brisk October breeze.I had been planning to swim,but my Daughter invited me to come along with her family on a boatride along tinicum marsh on into Philadelphia.The day was bright and the sun turn the water to molten silver.AS we sped along,my son in...
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I am very fortunate to have a state park nearby,as well as a willing friend to walk with.Today was another picture perfect September day..a special day for me,marking 25 years sobriety. So I called my friend and we took off for the park,parked and found the trail by the stream.Because of the rainy...
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“Running Through the Woods”   The word beauty doesn’t mean much anymore because it is so over used, but sometimes the word beautiful means everything, and must be used over and over again, until the beauty that encompassed the word covers and fills the world, and we are all so captured by its...
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Are we using imaginative creation to its fullest extent, or are we pulling back, even shrinking from the actual challenges of facing an interactive relationship with our planetary environment? Everywhere, the urgency of seeking sustainability is becoming an issue of growing concern. As global...