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photo: Cover of Spring 2012 issue of Space and Time Magazine, with my story, "Hide the Weird," inside!!!   In honor of Hall of Famer Jim Rice, #14, left fielder of the Boston Red Sox, last in the trifecta of Ted Williams, Yaz and Rice in front of the Green Monster--and a minor mention in "...
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Parenting I learned as a boy of 4 or 5 that bubbles are captivating. My mother’s washing machine was an ugly green monster with a wringer atop and lacked all the conveniences that came along later. Sometimes in summers, I’d stand beside her and that contraption with its laboring agitator when she...
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Halloween comes and goes, year after year with witches and monsters every child fear. The wind blows into the dark of the night whispering songs of howling sounds.  Ghosts creep around the grave yards awaiting for someone to spook out. Halloween is a night of fun, as the trick and treaters eat on...