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The songwriter Johnny Mercer wrote "Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home" -- and, for me, that's San Francisco. I've been lucky enough to revel in this carnival metropolis since newspapers captivated readers with bristling exploits of the Zodiac Killer and Herb Caen wrote his daily columns for the San...
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In response to Amazon.com's petition campaign to bring back its exemption from California sales tax - lost in July - Pete Mulvihill, Kevin Ryan and Kevin Hunsanger, owners of Green Apple Books on San Francisco's Clement Street, have decided to petition state government for the same deal. Their...
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Check out this recent post on Booksquare about quality control in electronic publishing — an interesting piece that raises concerns for readers and should raise concerns for publishers. I have to admit that of the few Kindle items I’ve read, I’ve had no complaints about quality — and as far as...
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What a night! It was so wonderful to meet so many of our local authors who gathered at literary institution Tosca last night for a swell party. I also want to say a big THANK YOU to our co-hosts Will and Debi Durst for endless laughs, Tosca'a Jeannette Etheridge for the best venue we could have...