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There are many green Thanksgiving ideas to save you time and money, help keep waste to a minimum, and create a festive dinner party or family gathering. This is the perfect holiday to experiment with green ideas you may not have tried before--resulting in an effortless, lovely, eco-friendly...
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At last!Green pokes its headOut of the ground!  
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  Ron’s company, Real Office Centers, and his son, Cameron McElroy, are working to make sustainable energy a reality in their home state of Hawaii. This is an recent article written from their latest trip to their homeland. Responsible and ethical business practices are not just for CPA’s and...
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  Co-hosts Youngjoo Ahn and Katelyn Darrow bring Green and Peace to Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio with their enticing segments plus interviews with two extraordinary guests.   At age 12, Charles Orgbon, founded Greening Forward, a non profit offering mini-grants, recognition, civic...
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There was a time when I was keenly aware of how much electricity I used:  None. For nine months, I lived so far off the grid in Nepal the very idea that an invisible power could travel through skinny lengths of flexible metal to make a flame-free fire that could light up the night seemed...
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It seems like lots of us have experienced crazy weather lately, including tornadoes and quasi-typhoons. Where I live, we keep oscillating between turtleneck weather and shorts weather, with the occasional torrential downpour. Nevertheless, there are undeniable signs of spring. All my favorite...
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  Published on ShanghaiDaily.com (http://www.shanghaidaily.com/)http://www.shanghaidaily.com/sp/article//Opinion/2012/03/20/Giving+up+a+car+is+a+new+American+responsibility Illustration by Zhou TaoGiving up a car is a new American responsibilityCreated: 2012-3-20Author:Andrew Lam FOR the...
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The scene is set for romance…perfume, candles, flowers, chocolate, and champagne. But wait…some of these products might contain toxic chemicals! Remember that what goes on your body also goes in your body and into your bloodstream, so be sure to choose products without a lot of...
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If you're like most people, a little voice inside your head has probably been telling you for a while that it's time to get back to a more natural way of living and take a more serious look at the toxins in your everyday life. Even so, you may feel confused about the simple, practical things you...
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Image via Wikipedia   Here's what I wrote of a crisp fall day in '95... A spectacular day that's blue all over, crisp, sharp-edged, dazzling -- with just a salt shaker's worth of red and yellow smattering through the early fall greens as the trees begin to wind down for the long winter sleep...