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  “I’m a spirit that has come a long way. Try to destroy me, you’ll find I’m permanent. I’ll live on …./…. I am the goddess of all things. I am about to give birthto beauty, migrants, savage light of every kind. /….“   ~Alice Notley, from Eurynome’s Sandals, in The Best...
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  I sat beneath a tree So young and carefree The sun bathed me in warmth The fruits fell low for me It was the joy of the season The flowers ripe in colour Those scents so pleasing My creation; not a favor   Some say I too was one That came with clear direction But those tales fail to...
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Up until the time I entered middle school, that murderer of illusions, I believed in spirits of the air, sea, and earth. My family home was a rocky plot on a lagoon, so all three categories were at hand. The stones were enchanted and had names. There was definitely a spirit in each tree: I visited...
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    Are Greek Myths the Next Trend for Teens?By Maryann Yin    Publishers are always on the lookout for the next big trend as evidenced by the wave of vampire and dystopian stories throughout the last few years. In the coming months, teen fiction readers can expect several new titles...
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The Lost Wax Method I know about your fall, the time in the hospital. I know about 1983. When the sun stuck its hooks into the backs of your hands. When every gesture pushed through a rubble of dead birds and someone else's bricks. This is too hard to read, so let's put it inside our mouths and...
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  You gotta go back, way back, deep even, into old Greek myths, to get at the root of Chaos and its relationship to Chasm. And I didn't even know this when I put the twain together as my first domain name of choice. It was like a chaos magic moment, that was. Chaos Chasm popped into my noggin...