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You hear it all the time and you know what it means... at least you think you do. But are you confident enough to use the word yourself? When I hear a word like Draconian, I know what it means but only because I've heard the word in context. So I look words like this up in the dictionary because I...
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Kenath means "possession". Also, "Kanatha of the Greeks". Mentioned in the Old Testament in the Book of Numbers, it was a town in an area of rich grazing lands, east of the Jordan River. The town of Kenath was taken by a Manasseh man named "Nobah". Nobah changed the name of Kenath to... drum roll...
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The Independent has a regular feature in which it asks authors to write about a book which changed their lives somehow. Last week the London newspaper asked me to write the piece. Here it is: In early 1999, King Hussein fell sick on his return from treatment for cancer in the US. I was the Middle...