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Lions, lions everywhere... no kidding. People love lions. The ancient Jews loved lions. Jacob, one of the patriarchs of the Jews was referred to as a lion in the Book of Genesis. The lion became the symbol of the Israelite tribe of Jacob's son Judah so Judah also signifies lion. In times of...
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The word politic originated from the French, Latin and Greek words, politique, politicus and politikos, whcih mean "citizens" or "of the citizens". Politics is the science and art of government and managing public affairs, political parties, priniciples etc.   Suellen Ocean is the author of...
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The English, those sometimes politely arrogant bastards who invented the language, often take great delight in calling things whatever they damn well please, and logic, be hanged! For example, in England a “Public School” is in fact an exclusive, obscenely expensive, private school where the Ruling...
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“Hellenist” is described by an old Webster’s dictionary as “one who affiliates with Greeks, or imitates Greek manners; especially a Jew who used the Greek language as his mother tongue”. There are two schools of thought on this. Many ancient Jews loved the Greek culture and emulated it as best they...
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  I've just noticed this sad note. "Blindness" was my introduction to this writer's fascinating style. He tended to use little punctuation - even periods, which can be a burden to the punctuation inclined. But that fact hooked my pal Dave Frauenfelder, an expert at Latin and Greek,...
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I rave a lot about how healthy the food is in Crete and how fresh.  I haven't said anything yet though about how messy it can be to eat.  Even with lots of napkins and care I always leave a little trail whenever I eat. Probably that sounds like a mistake - leaving a little trail while I eat, but I...
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A so-called “bilingual” Attic vase speaks two visual languages. One side is painted in the older "black-figure" style, the other side with the newer—and for us, more familiar—"red-figure" style. Tetraktys mentions such a vase in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It depicts the...
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For a few years now, I’ve had a running disagreement with my writer friend Randy Susan Meyers.* I’ve learned a great deal from her: the importance of adding misery to your characters’ lives, the need to keep the plot moving through a series of “little wants”. But I confess to mostly ignoring Randy’...
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Here's one filmmakers idea of what happens when a Greek God retires to Los Angeles. The neighborhood just isn't the same!  http://www.babelgum.com/118994/mean-old-god.html  
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   Greek Independence Day is especially meaningful in Crete.  For more than a decade the Cretan insurgency battled against great odds to free their island.  The Ottoman Empire did not want to relinquish this jewel in the Aegean Sea.     The support from western European powers  ebbed more often...