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There is no such thing as a permanent monument for a man who was once living; just as there is no such thing as a permanent life. Heavy slabs of marble outlast bodies of flesh and bone, but not by much. Stone cracks and crumbles and names fade away, as do the memories of the named themselves....
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Literature Graveyard: Which Cemetery is the Most Literary? by Gabe Habash     Last month, we posted an article detailing some very strange ways that authors have met their end. The morbid side of literature got us thinking about the final resting places of authors, so we did...
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Even when I was little I was fascinated by graveyards. Not the new ones, mind you, with their tinkling wind chimes and fake flowers scattered over the grounds like Mardi Gras confetti. I loved the ancients that were old and crumbling with slats of rock teepee-ed over the mounds to keep robbers and...
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I haven't been blogging much here lately, which is good and bad.  I've just turned in the first five chapters of The Dangerous Type to my agent.  Now I've started revising the rest of the novel, in case she's interested in representing it.  It's exciting work, since I think the novel is really fun...
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Now is the time to get out and visit your local graveyard! I've put together a list of cemetery tours and lectures in Northern California, but the information isn't easily gleaned. If you catch an error or can suggest a tour I've missed, please let me know. September 11, 10 a.m.Mountain View...
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You may know that I started visiting graveyards by accident.  A series of missed connections during the first Gulf War resulted in an unanticipated layover in London, where I just happened to pick up a guidebook to Highgate Cemetery.  My husband Mason wanted to visit the graveyard because it looked...
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My husband and I like to visit cemeteries. In Santa Fe, New Mexico we took the dogs away from the crowded Plaza and headed instead to the oldest graveyard in town, a quiet, neglected strip of land on a busy street in a noisy, industrial neighborhood. Pull through the gates in late winter or...