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I am writing my Thanksgiving letter today, I simply have too much to cook tomorrow, which means, I have to figure out how to actually serve the whole meal warm and not just the turkey while the rest of the feast is cold and the buns burnt because I was  worrying about how to keep it all warm and...
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I heard a song this morning that summed up the mood in this nation quite well: "...because we need a little Christmas, right this very minute...lalalala, words, words, words...because we need a little Christmas now!" Sorry, but I'm a little sketchy on some of the in-between lyrics. Anyway...
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For Thanksgiving week, I did a guest post on Debutante Ball that I thought I would share here - with auxiliary photos. It's a little bit about writing, but mostly about being thankful for so many things, including that I get to spend my days writing. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! - Meg The memory...
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I wrote this essay some years back but since it’s timely once more, here it is with a little tweaking… Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Andrew—-   ****  “Thanks-giving,” said Mr. K., my seventh grade English teacher. “Repeat after me: Thanksgiving.” “Ssshthanks give in,” I repeated, but the word...