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The Book Review Club - Boxers and Saints Boxers and Saints Gene Luen Yang Graphic Novel I got hooked on graphic novels when my second daughter was diagnosed with a convergence defect. This basically means that her eyes do not move from object to object at the same time. One is a little behind...
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Hi all,      It's been much too long since I last updated folks with news on me, but unfortunately (and fortunately) life often intrudes.  But there's been a lot of great stuff (and a few curveballs) over the past couple of months, and I wanted to get everyone up to...
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Kafka himself, on some of his hand-written pages, drew small images (or, if you will, cartoons). They are, shall we say, bare bones.  And he had an interest in the artwork which would appear on his book covers. He did not dictate what he wanted, but he was adamant about what he did not want...
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Of course, if you want to call them comics, I'm all for it.  The art work is stunning! [DE] © SelfMadeHero 'The Castle' artwork * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * David Zane Mairowitz on adapting Kafka's 'The Castle - interview by Hugh Armitage Franz Kafka's incomplete masterpiece The Castle...
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  A superhero who can't use violence - check out the first episode of my new comic "The Adventures of Urban Yogini"!    
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Five foreign languages have I learned in my time, to varying levels of fluency. The first was German, at high school and later at a college in Germany. Then came Korean, because I was living there, working as an English teacher. Then came Japanese, which I learned for the same reason as Korean....
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      Artist Ashanti Davis bears his soul to anyone who takes the time to absorb his graphic narratives of a life gone awry. At the moment of our exchange, he was in transition, peddling his art for food and shelter. One gorgeous Saturday afternoon, five summers ago, at an...
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Renowned rock star Pete Townshend has just published his autobiography, Who I Am, a book which he has dedicated to 'the artist inside all of us.' In Pete's autobiography you will read all about the man in his own words. But to get an even more complete picture, read his clearest and most direct...
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Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo is a comic of about 2000 pages in length, published in six large volumes. It was originally published in Japan between 1982 and 1990. Most people in the west who know about it are probably familiar with it due to the 1988 animated movie adaptation, also directed by Otomo....
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Part journal, part hilarious graphic novel—think of Ellie McDoodle as Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the tween girl set. But while Wimpy Kid was born online, author/illustrator Ruth McNally Barshaw's popular series about budding pre-teen artist Ellie actually grew from a...