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The grandchildren departed, a bittersweet moment in time... Their rented minivan moves away down the street as I stand in my driveway waving goodbye. The car contains my son, his wife, and their 4 young daughters (secondarily known as my granddaughters). I am temporarily a man swimming in a paradox...
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My friend Andy and I were discussing this at lunch today. Our grandchildren’s worlds are dramatically different from our own (at the same age). What can I do for my grandchildren now that will have lasting benefits in a future (beyond my lifetime) that I cannot visit or imagine? How can I improve...
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-as published in Living Family Style  http://www.livingouteast.com   He was a small man, bald early in life. I remember him wearing suits and ties and striped silk boxer shorts and tank-top undershirts and garters at his calves to hold up his socks. The pockets of his maroon silk bathrobe...