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 The sudden loss of the president to an assassin’s bullet consigned a dark cloud over our nation.  We remained that way for over two months. What we didn’t figure is how four lads from Liverpool would geo-politically affect almost every American household by catering to ...
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SPOILER ALERT FOR GRAMMY VIEWERS/DOWNTON FANS: In the latest of a string of unerringly wise decisions, Lady Edith is apparently about to start dating her editor. Oh, yeah-- only good things can result from THAT. -- Earl Merkel
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Sour notes at the Grammys matt sayles, AP  I try to behave in a dignified manner. I aim to be above this sort of petty gossip. But then the red carpet unfurls and, I'm sorry, but the temptation is simply too great. Am I not human? Most days, anyway? So how can a mere mortal resist the...