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I've blogged about this before but obviously didn't get enough of it. What's an aristocrat? The answer is: snobbish. No really, that's one of the definitions of aristocratic, that and socially exclusive. To be aristocratic means that you partake of, or are characteristic of a ruling or privileged...
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Did  YOU move your clock forward an hour on the weekend?   Antique clock face isolated on black background illustration. By Dreamzdesigner.  
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This article goes far beyond Kafka and his life, but then, so does Kafka himself. It might not have been a totally new concept of bureaucracy and surveillance and secrecy which Kafka described, but he caught the all-pervasiveness of the situation. A situation which just becomes more all-seeing and...
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Note: I occasionally post on magazines; I've always read them, and would seriously bemoan their passing. While I don't have the time to do all the mags justice that I might have an interest in, I do try to post regularly on the ones I think have the most substance to offer readers.    ...
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  There’s an old country saying that something too good to be true is “too much sugar for a dime.” Get suspicious, because when someone is “helping” you too much, or “giving” you too much, you are likely to get fleeced in the process.   My first job in health care was in Boston and I...
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This is an interesting and insightful commentary upon Kafka's The Trial . It comes with what I interpret as a "Russian" overview. Which is fair enough, as Kafka was prescient about the type of totalitarian regime which still holds sway in that vast country. [DE...
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  It’s a real shame that Congress isn’t covered by UCMJ, the Universal Code of Military Justice. Under it, people who don’t do their jobs can be court-martialed under Article 92. Congress is derelict in its duty if shuts down government over a boneheaded idea to defund Obamacare. Why is it...
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Sunday mass. Two suicide bombers. 80 Christians killed. The Taliban strikes. Again. My friend B is a devout Christian. She chose her mother's faith; her father is a Muslim, her husband was a Catholic. They travelled to many countries and she has several options, but after his death she was...
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This may be one of the best examples of inmates running the asylum I have ever seen. Our government seems almost helpless to enforce any law these days and common sense has completely gone on vacation. I wonder if I fled to Mexico and said “I believe the U.S. Government is going crazy,” could I get...
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This is why big government scares me. Check out the link below. http://safeshare.tv/w/zwhKdMtFHf