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     I teach in France because I love the wine and the food, and the men are farouche--handsome, wild, artful, and not ageist.  My women friends are spectacular--expressive, poetical, smart, gorgeous, and great cooks! I teach in France because the villagers in Auvillar are...
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Planting fava beans in your garden will attract butterflies and bees that pollinate your other crops and fix nitrogen into your soil. Great for companion planting, fava beans will get a little tall and could shade things but you can always pull them or trim them and as a benefit you can eat them....
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Banquet for the Muse Deep France feeds me and my work!  I write in Auvillar each spring; for part of the time I act as a poetry workshop leader for the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts at their French site.  The workshop is called “O Taste & See: Writing the Senses in Deep France...
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It takes practice but a cast iron skillet is a fabulous way to cook without oil. You can add a tiny bit of water or broth to the skillet. For example, frozen corn and onions on the skillet with a tiny bit of water - cover and simmer a few minutes Before all the water gets cooked out, crack a couple...
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Why France?  All those frenzied people in the streets, protesting the loss of two years' retirement benefits, all those threats from Bin Laden--what else?  O yes, that volcano last summer (Really?  A volcano?  Yup, in Iceland, remember--it trashed air itineraries for a month)  Why the hell would...
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I can't believe that time is going by so fast!  The next writing workshop in Southwest France will take place May 17-24th, and we have only three spots left.   The workshop, "O Taste and See: Writing the Senses in Deep France," offers a life-enriching experience.  The sights and sounds...