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                                                Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then is not an act but a habit." I agree that if we keep doing...
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What Is The Real Secret?  I can now understand that we made it through tough times by trusting in God, and I could not have done it without Him. I was living what some call “the secret,” but at that time I didn’t know the explanation for, or have a full understanding of, the law of...
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Last night I was reading my memoir, I Never Expected This Good Life, as if I had purchased it from Red Room. As if I had never read it.  I was reading the poems and stories critically – today, would I have chosen that word, written that line? – and with distance as if I had never heard of...
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It is one thing to do good. Quite another thing, however, when the crafty ego within you seizes the good you do as a way to be revered. Mark Nepo How does he know me so well? This has been a significant challenge for me throughout my adult life. I have wanted so much to be liked...to be accepted......
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Today is Fathers' Day and even though I have already written a short blog since Friday ,here I am sitting with my brand new laptop in Mario's Pizza.The weather is fine and sunny probably to reflect the mood  that I feel today.Yes,today is one of those days when you feel like superman or even...
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  Surely, it is yet another new unfolding dawn on a journey in time, experience and circumstances we all value as life. As we all know, this journey called life is quite trying. So, this new morning, let me humbly say: Beloved Red Room Friends, Neighbors, Associates and All Red Room Members...
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"If you look after truth and goodness, beauty looks after herself."   Eric Gill,  British typographer
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I wanted to write about what I felt and thought during my time of grief to show the crises I went through. Yet I was uneasy about describing the level of darkness I actually felt, or how I’d lost sight of the truth of who we are, as well as the nature of God. I also wanted to avoid talking about...
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Oh, how the mighty have fallen", is a quote from the Old Testament that pertains to the collapse of past dynasties. In today's world, it deals with the downfall of the major infrastructure of capital markets in the USA and the systemic fallout all around the world. The demise of Bear Sterns,...