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I’d like to share some good news.   My novel, "Time-Crossed Lovers, " is an Award Winning Finalist in the 'Fiction: Science Fiction' category of the 2013 International Book Awards.   It’s available in your local bookstore, Amazon and all the rest.   Happy reading!   — Karl...
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Lisa Tillinger Johansen is my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” talking about food and health in general as well as her book “Fast Food Vindication”. Lisa spent seven years as a real estate manager for McDonald's Corporation before enrolling at California State University Los Angeles and...
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  Are you passionate about love stories? Do you adore romantic fiction? Wish to evoke your tender chords?  Rush to grab your copy of the fiction novel "The Fortune Hunters" by Aslam Rahaman (ISBN number 9789381576816, 9381576816) and published by Frog books, an imprint of ...
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It seems like only yesterday my mother was teaching me to read. And now, many, many years later, I’m teaching her the ins and outs of social media. While she was visiting from North Carolina for Christmas, we set aside one day for a Social Media Crash Course (aka Teaching Mom to Tweet). My...
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A couple weeks back I went to Kansas City, Missouri for the US-China People's Friendship Association's National Convention. I kept thinking, "Kansas City?  Only Oz is further."As it turned out, Kansas City is very close to China--Edward Snow was born here and his legacy continues,Kansas...
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I read a ton of books when I was young. I would take my little red wagon to the library and load it up with as many books as I could pull home, 20, 30, 40 or more. As the librarian made her way through my towering stack of books, I always had a moment of panic that she might cut me off like a...