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     Back in 2007 I wrote a poem I titled Orphans. It was written in anticipation of a picnic my family had arranged to celebrate the arrival of my mother and her three siblings from Ireland. These were the orphans of the title and I believe the first line of that...
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Leaving my cramped little apartment at two a.m.I crept up the stairs to the third floor, nearly stopping on each step. In my hand I carried a poem sent to me from a fellow Red Room member in England, already scotch taped and ready to affix to the elderly poet's apartment door. I crept, not to...
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Gathering up and surrounding myself with good people. In the past few years I have lost some of those folks, all far younger than the national norm. Recently my sister-in-law passed away and when I spoke at her celebration of life, it was with few words. The opening phrase was: Heather was good...
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I have not been here for a while because I am changing my website. The old essays section will be gone soon, and instead I created a project called: Project Love.I believe the world cannot afford to keep going as it has been. What will happen with our future generations? What will happen with their...